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2021 Sunrider Virtual Convention—Connect


Held August 2-7, 2021, the Sunrider Virtual Convention—Connect, attracted over 1,000 Sunrider ABOs, IBOs, Customers, and their guests from all around the world. Driven by an engaging mix of live-streaming and pre-recorded segments, the program included training sessions led by the direct selling industry’s most influential speakers, product testimonials, seminars, recognition, and more. Opening day kicked off with a welcome speech by Wendy Teng, board of directors, whose message underscored the importance of “staying connected and united, today, tomorrow, and always.” Wendy shared how in spite of the challenges brought on by the pandemic, “Sunrider has continued to develop new products and training, improve marketing strategies, and undertake a monumental manufacturing-plant move to Texas.” A sit-down with the founder of Sunrider, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, and his son Dr. Reuben Chen, followed with a talk centered on “The Sunrider Story,” which also provided insights on the origin of Sunrider’s Philosophy of Regeneration® and a deep dive into a hand-picked selection of Sunrider’s immune-boosting and healthy-living products. To sharpen business skills, four training topics—Social Media, Meetups, Business Building, and Leadership—delivered an array of actionable content presented by Sunrider’s top leaders and industry experts from around the world, including motivational speaker Darleen “Coach Dar” Santore, and Laura Stack, best known as “The Productivity Pro®.” A fun feature that enhanced participant engagement all throughout the convention was the Chat Box. This interactive tool gave everyone the chance to share their thoughts, ask questions, and connect in a global conversation from the convenience of their devices. The centerpiece of the week-long event was “Giving Wednesday,” a day devoted to giving back in all kinds of ways. Inspired by the Sunrider spirit of “Love, Share, Give,” Sunrider offices around the world hosted events with staff and Sunrider ABO and IBOs, who worked together to clean up their communities, donate clothes and household items, make blankets for the underserved, create greeting cards to lift the spirits of those in need, and do other acts of kindness and goodwill. The Sunrider convention also gave a big helping hand to three philanthropic organizations: Engage Now Africa, Mentors International, and United Nations World Food Program. Through Sunrider’s donation campaign, more than half the price of every convention ticket was shared equally among these organizations. Friday was all about fitness, fun, and holistic health, with Sunriders teaming up and shaping up with fellow Sunriders around the world in live workout sessions suitable for all fitness levels The convention closed on Saturday, with Dr. Tei-Fu Chen recognizing high achievers for their dedication and leadership excellence in helping others succeed. Eric Chen shared the latest exciting developments regarding Sunrider’s new Manufacturing Plant in Texas, and Sunriders heard from each member of the Chen family executive team and received a closing CEO message from Sunny Beutler. Sunrider extends a big THANK YOU to all participants, who came together to make a powerful connection and the 2021 Sunrider Virtual Convention such a resounding success.

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